Action plan 2019

Action plan 2019

patiënten betrekken

In its first year, NOCSO aims to:

Involve patients

In 2019, NOCSO will perform focus groups with seniors, who have been acutely ill, and their informal caregivers in order to collect their experiences and wishes. Subsequently, a nationwide survey will be conducted amongst the Dutch elderly population. 

Connect professionals

In 2019, those interested can sign up at any time in order to stay on top of the latest developments and to participate in NOCSO activities. Furthermore, NOCSO will meet and enter into discussions with individuals and organisations with the aim of improving the emergency care for acutely ill older people within good partnership.  

Set up and conduct research

This year,  NOCSO will draw up a National Knowledge Agenda Emergency Care for the Elderly. In the first phase, a online national survey will be conducted among patients, care professionals, policy makers and health insurers with the aim of collecting their questions regarding the improvement of emergency care for acetely ill older people. In the second phase, all submitted questions will be checked for relevance, quality, and duplications and a final selection of potential research questions will be constituted. Subsequently, those remaining questions will be prioritized by the same participants from the first phase. 

Provide reliable figures

In 2019, NOCSO will provide relevant and reliable figures through analyses existing observational studies. 

Provide education & training

In 2019, NOCSO will constitute an educative program for various professionals involved in emergency care for the elderly. 


Results Knowledge Agenda Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Thank you for participating in the "Knowledge Agenda Geriatric Emergency Medicine". At this moment, the results are being processed, we expect to present the results near the end of 2019.

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