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We would like to draw your attention to some educational programs in the field of emergency care for older people. Below you can find an overview of recommended trainings, courses, congresses, and e-learnings. 



June 5th, 2019

Dutch North Sea Emergency Medicine Conference 2019 

Egmond aan Zee


Precourse Geriatric Emergency Medicine 

E.R.-professionals –  internists – geriatric medicine

The number of elderly patients visiting the emergency department is increasing. Many of those elderly patients suffer from complex comorbidities, are vulnerable, and are at high risk for poor outcomes. Since working with vulnerable elderly patients can be challenging in a disquiet environment where time pressure is lurking, the importance of dealing properly with this vulnerable patient population is increasing. This precourse aims to improve the knowledge and skills regarding  GEM and to provide guidance in daily practice …




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September 27th, 2019




Elderly patients at the E.R. – How to act

E.R.-professionals – nurse specialists – specialist geriatric medicine- geriatricians

Being a E.R.-professional, how do you recognize the vulnerable elderly, how should you act, which tasks can you leave to other departsments and insitutes? And what do you need to organize adequate emergency care? All these questions will be addressed during this symposium. …





Multiple dates

Academie voor Ambulancezorg



Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services (GEMS) BLS

Ambulance nurses & drivers 

The amount of patients aged 65 and above is increasing rapidly. This growing older population may affect your job performance as care provider. Providing proper care to geriatric patients requires specific knowedge about this target group. After following this GEMS BLS course, you will be full of confidence during your daily job activities and will be able to provide the required care to this vulnerable population. …